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Served between 11.30 - 14.00

Unfortunately we haven't published a lunch menu for this week yet.
Unfortunately we haven't published a lunch menu for this week yet.

Only main course 210 kr

Starter and main course 250 kr

Buon Appetito

À la Carte


I plin del Kol & KoxSmall Piedmontese fresh pasta dumplings stuffed with beef and turkey, braised vegetables and Parmigiano Reggiano. Cooked with butter, sage and prosciutto
190 kr  
Pasta alle vongoleLinguine pasta in seafood broth, vongole clams, white wine, garlic and chilli
195 kr  
Pasta la ragü Pasta di Gragnano which we serve with ragout of beef, tomato, red wine and oyster mushrooms, grated Grana Padano cheese on top
190 kr  
Fagotti vegetarianiFresh pasta knuckle filled with green asparagus and ricotta, parmesan cream
with a bite of tomato, balsamico slung sprouts
195 kr  

Le Nostre proposte di Pesce e di Carne

Ossobucohouse brunched for 6 hours in wine and broth, served with risotto
on tomato, butter, parmesan and green asparagus
295 kr  
VitelloGrilled veal calf entrecote with red wine, scamorza cheese, eggplant and potato terrine
295 kr  
BranzinoFried sea urchin fillet served with risotto on Carnaroliris,
Piccadillate tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basilica
295 kr  
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