I nostri dolci - Our desserts

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Tiramisú olio e CantucciA classic! We have chosen to flavor the famous dessert
with vinsanto dipped cantuccini (almond crust) and some drop
Olive oil "Monti Iblei DOP". Otherwise, it contains the Savoiardikex,
Espresso and mascarpone.
98 kr  
PannacottaPannacotta with coco flavor and blackberry coulis
98 kr  
Semifreddo al caffèOur own parfait on white chocolate,
Kahlualikör and espresso. To that we serve a creamy sauce with flavor
of salty licorice and vanilla-cooked pear
110 kr  
Sorbetto al al LimoncelloLemon sorbet and limoncello liqueur
98 kr  
Cantucci di Siena e vin SantoAlmond rusks from Siena served with the wine Santo just like in Tuscany
98 kr  

For parties of 8 people or more, we kindly ask you to order from our suggested menus.

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