I nostri dolci - Our desserts

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TiramisúMascarpone cream, cake bottom,coffee, Marsalalichoir

110 kr  
BavareseCream yde dessert made from eggs, almonds and lemon zest, grape must reduction, fruit and berries
90 kr  
Sorbetto al al LimoncelloLemon sorbet and limoncello liqueur
110 kr  
Al cioccolato fondente baked kakaofondent 70%, sea salt karamel, Roasted Hazelnuts, peach
145 kr  
Gelatotoday's gelato, made of natural and fresh ingredients, talk with the staff
95 kr  

For parties of 8 people or more, we kindly ask you to order from theese set menus.

Incase of any allergies, inform the staff.

We reserve the rights for changes and misprints.

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