I nostri piatti d'entrata - our starters

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Sustainably fished rödräkor, parmesansoppa, coconut, lemon grass, any Mussel, Peperoncino
185 kr  
Bufala e Co
Warm Buffalo mozzarella DOP, Panzanellacreme, Tomatconfit, Fänkåldill, Alici, Marinated small fish
145 kr  
Carpaccio di Tonno Fresh raw tuna, smoked swordfish, tender artichokes, tunaemulsion, piadina
185 kr  
Crudo di manzo Raw beef, braised onions, balsamic vinegar, pickled mustard, Parmigianomousse, pizza Bianca, östpeppar
190 kr  
Pane SantoTwo slices of grilled sourdough bread, truffle flavored Lardo
65 kr  
Selezione di Antipastini min 2 persons per serving Cold cuts of DOP quality, pickled vegetables, small hot dishes from Italian street food culture, fresh cheese with accessories
175 kr  
Selezione di mare (minimum 2 people)a selection of hot and cold seafood, rödräkor, oysters (or Scallops), mussels in butter, shrimp, spicy mayonnaise, roasted bread, etc
225 kr  

For parties of 8 people or more, we kindly ask you to order from our set menus.

Incase of any allergies, please inform the staff.

We reserve the rights for changes and misprints.

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