I nostri piatti d'entrata - our starters

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Zuppa di Parmigiano e CrostaciCreamy soup made of Parmigiano, grilled redshripmp (Eco farmed) and butter fried scallop.

175 kr  
Mezzo Plin del Kol & KoxSmall Piedmontese fresh pasta dumplings stuffed with beef, turkey and Parmigiano Reggiano. Served with prosciutto and sage
140 kr  
Caprese ClassicaBuffalo mozzarella and basil marinated cherry tomatoes and virgin olive oil
145 kr  
Carpaccio EmilianoThin slices of fresh beef fillet with Pecorino Toscano acute Balsamico and green sprouts
185 kr  
Bruschetta di GiacomoOn toasted country bread we serve basil marinated cherry tomatoes, together with the origin protected buffalo mozzarella from Campania
145 kr  
Prosciutto San Daniele The famous prosciutto of Friuli, known for its sweetness and stored for 10 months. The favorable climate in San Daniele area and its production of traditional skill makes one of Italy's foremost prosciutto.
Served with buffelmozzarella and pickled artichoke
190 kr  
Carpaccio di tonnoThinly sliced tuna, sauce fresh as raw can be, tomato pesto with almonds
and pecorino, blodgrapefileér, lemon, oil and seasonal salad
175 kr  
Insalata mistaOur salad is made of tender and seasonal leaves. In addition we serve Parmigian Reggiano stored 24 months, walnut oil, pear oil and white wine vinegar
120 kr  

For parties of 8 people or more, we kindly ask you to order from our suggested menus.

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